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Sep 1, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
There is something strange going on with Stephan Halper’s Federal Contracts...

I’m not going to thread conclusions (yet) - I’m going to show some surprising anomalies and let the twitter collective go to work.

🔥Ready to be pissed off?🔥

{Mini-thread} Quick Reminder: Halper has had a variety of contracts - it appears to start in 2013 and last one ended March 2018...
Aug 21, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read

Any plans to update your story? You should...

As you can clearly see, there is evidence that Ms. Brazile didn’t leave DC for Seattle until after the murder.

See below - it will fit in nicely with the ‘twitter evidence’ you used in your article! @AndrewWyrich

Aug 19, 2018 39 tweets 15 min read
Who the hell is ‘our guy’?

@dbongino did an awesome show on this topic, but...

Maybe we should look at a couple candidates that everyone is missing.

Even if they aren’t ‘our guy’... it’ll be good to get better acquainted, bc there is something BIG there!

New Thread 2. 99% of the ‘inter-webs’ are already familiar with this topic, but for those that aren’t:

* Listen to Bingino’s podcast, and
* Read this article from @themarketswork…
Jul 13, 2018 16 tweets 6 min read
1. Yes, it is devastating. And @lukerosiak has been talking about it for 2 years now!

Time to catch up!

[NEW THREAD] 2. Here is the video - @replouiegohmert gets straight to the point about the ICIG findings that Strzok ignored.

(PS: There’s some pretty decent fireworks there too.)

Jul 7, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
A massive story! I caution heavily about stories that run on ‘scoops’, I want to look at a small portion of that article and a couple texts.

[Very Short Thread] 2. The portion of article I’m referencing is below - it identifies that FBI sent a liaison to the Trump Transition Team

“... with expertise in FBI’s most sensitive surveillance equipment”

I agree — that is weird!
Jul 6, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
1. Original Source article:…

Here is a translated version, but I’m going to make a couple comments below:… 2. I’m not going to disclaimer this piss out of this - I don’t know (or care who this group is that translated it.

They have a Russia flag on there, but I don’t give a crap who translates it — I care if it translated correctly, or not.
Jul 5, 2018 7 tweets 4 min read
@Cynacin @almostjingo

Honest Q: Why would Strzok be giving Clapper a briefing in MYE?

... we know that is the topic bc of the next texts that mention the calls for Special Prosecutor.

Keep in mind, this is Sept 2015!!!

#ClintonEmails For reference, here is an article from that same day re Special Prosecutor...…
Jun 28, 2018 14 tweets 5 min read
(Attempt 2)

Interesting for a couple reasons.

Did you notice this article in the Strzok texts?… Here is reference: 8-19-2016

(Note: It was just after midnight... so its carry-over from 18th)
Jun 14, 2018 25 tweets 15 min read
I would like to extent sincere appreciation to #JusticeOIG for steps like these. And thanks to the folks carrying out need Corrective Actions!

🇺🇸 2. With that in mind, I’d like to point out an interesting portion of the Strzok/Page texts that no one seems to have picked up on yet.

S: “We’re going to be dealing with this HVE for the next year.”

P: “The guy in Tampa?”

May 24, 2018 23 tweets 15 min read
Short Thread:
The effort would be massive; prob. started LONG before the timeline that the media has pushed!

** Liberals have been howling about Cambridge A. & saying it ties Trump to Russia

** I looked into their claims & you have to see this! 2/ Some housecleaning:

- C.A. is definitely ‘complicated’
- Liberals believe it’s a slam dunk ‘Russia Collusion’ connection
- There are some journalists who have dug in and found good/relevant data, though I disagree with their conclusions — here is one

Apr 13, 2018 52 tweets 43 min read
Riddle me this Col. @AllenWest:

** Would Comey/Obama/Brennan and ALL of their crews go down with HRC over selling Uranium?

** Why does Eric Holder chime in all the time about a spying scandal that he wasn’t a part of?

#FastAndFurious is the tie that binds

NEW THREAD 2/ First I want to say:

Scandals this big are manufactured at the very top- when we say #FastAndFurious we should also say #HolderGate!

Front-line Agents DO NOT design these plans; cannot cover them up!

Eric Holder owns this one and it is heating up!
Jan 11, 2018 15 tweets 10 min read
I know who that guy is — how funny!!

What are the chances that this guy has a history with John McCain? 2/ Earlier today I was pissed bc MSM never talk about Sen. McCain’s role in the dossier, so I did a small thread regarding #MccainInstitute

We aren’t giving his not-for-profit enough attention; I’m sure we’ll hear more.

Jan 10, 2018 14 tweets 9 min read

1/What is Sen. McCain’s role regarding the infamous ‘dossier’ ?

Earlier it was reported that Fusion GPS admitted to working through an “emissary” — WHO IS IT?

2/ MSM doesn’t talk much about his not-for-profit, The McCain Institute...

We have looked at CF — lets see what we find here.

It’s only fair, right? Maybe it will generate some leads on this “emissary”...