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Public health consultant Oxfordshire. Senior Policy Fellow @HealthFdn. Hon Assoc Prof @Warwickmed. Test & Trace. Health/PH policy, climate, other. Views own.
Jun 20, 2018 18 tweets 11 min read
Given the #NHS70 'birthday present', thought I'd share my reflections on recent changes to funding for health, public health, & social care in England. This is based on a talk I just gave to @DartmouthInst in US.
Credit @TheIFS, @HealthFdn, @TheKingsFund & others for images. 1/ Both in the US and England, the balance of money and political power lies firmly with the (acute) provider sector at the expense of community orgs, public health, social services, and (perhaps to a slightly lesser extent) mental health and primary care. 2/