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Epidemiologist. Fmr City Health Director. Author https://t.co/ujo0ZBHVPL, https://t.co/gVmZNgQldT, & https://t.co/funjdoZBxO. Host #AmericaDissected. Comment @CNN.
Jun 30, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
1/ Yesterday, I attended a forum hosted for the #Muslim community by some of its biggest and most developed organizations (@emgageactionmi, @MIMuslimCouncil, @APIAVoteMI).

AND I WAS THE ONLY DEMOCRAT WHO SHOWED UP. 2/ In the week of the travel ban, and the week where @ocasio2018 obliterated a 20-year incumbent by listening to & speaking with communities of color, you’d think establishment Dems like @gretchenwhitmer would have learned a lesson. IGNORE COMMUNITIES OF COLOR AT YOUR OWN PERIL.