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Peter Thatchell
(1952 - p)

Thatchell is a UK human rights campaigner, best known for his work with #LGBTQ social movements.

He has worked to end anti-LGBTQ laws in the UK & helped LGBTQ people worldwide.
#LGBTVoices #PrideMonth Born in Australia, he first worked to help aboriginal people & to end the death penalty in that country.

Thatchell moved to London & became a leading member of the Gay Liberation Front, organizing sit-ins at pubs that refused to serve gays & protested police harassment.
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Laurence Michael Dillon

Dillon was a British physician and the first transgender man to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Born as Laura Maud Dillon, he was assigned female at birth.

#LGBTVoices #PrideMonth Laurence was always more comfortable in men’s clothing and knew that he was not a woman.

In 1939, Dillon experimented with testosterone pills. A pioneering plastic surgeon performed a double mastectomy on Dillon and gave him a note to change his birth certificate to male.