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Ex British Army 1999 to 2007. US War Of Terror Has Killed 2 Million People In 19 Years. I have Aspergers & discovered #Prevent is being used against me. #LGBTQI
Sep 30, 2018 33 tweets 51 min read
@JohnSimpsonNews The levels of professional ignorance you & MSM maintain has led to the deaths of millions. Rather than push your own comfort zone by asking questions in a suit, you choose to wear a burka to tell us how bad the Taliban is, they are barbaric but not as much as our government. @JohnSimpsonNews US PNAC War Policy being executed. There are no coincidences only death.

General Wes Clark speaking about US military plan in 2001, stated in an interview 2007.
"USA will attack Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran.