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writer, THE CENTAUR’S WIFE (2021) | DISFIGURED (2020) & others | disability rights advocate | Communications @theFOLD_ since 2016 | #CerebralPalsy | she/her
May 27, 2018 43 tweets 14 min read
Super excited for my first @BareLit panel of the day: (Em)Bodying Lit: d/Deaf and Disabled Poetics, with Raisa Kabir, Kuli Kohli, Mark Mace Smith, and Khairani Barroka! 2/ Moderator Khairani begins by referencing STAIRS AND WHISPERS, the anthology that features today’s panelists. The book is available as an e-book and includes links to audio descriptions of the text. #BareLit18
May 18, 2018 70 tweets 17 min read
OKAY, OKAY, FINE, I WILL TWEET THE BROKEN-HEARTED CRUSH LETTER. But first, we'll need some backstory... 2/ It is 2008, & I live in Edinburgh. I work at a Blackwell's Bookshop, on the 2nd floor. My job is to order academic texts for the store. I am okay at it, not great. One afternoon, I'm working at the counter beside this lovely young chap named Greg. We are bantering, as we do.
May 10, 2018 23 tweets 5 min read
So a couple of things have happened over the last few weeks that have reinforced for me how ingrained ableism is in #CanLit and I wanted to talk about it. *pulls up a chair* 1/ Before I go any further, I want to give a shout-out to @depalm @eatonhamilton @BergBronwyn & @AddyPottle, who speak about and draw attention to this ableism every day. I am constantly in awe of their strength and brilliance. Thank you, my friends, for your words. 2/