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Aug 4, 2018 • 12 tweets • 16 min read
Looks like election fraud is afoot in #VA02.
The GOP rep that @ElaineLuriaVA is facing used his own staff to gather signatures to get a Ind. candidate on the Nov. ballot. But at least 1 sig is from a dead man & at least 1 from a lady that moved out of VA. facebook.com/lindseyamaya/p… Please, RT this! Get it out there for all to see. If there are 2 instances of blatant fraudulent signatures, there are likely more! @maddow @kylegriffin1 @MSNBC @CNNPolitics @jaketapper @ChrisCuomo @CBSNews @abcnews @13NewsNow @WAVY_News @WTKR3 @dccc @DNC @funder @OversightDems