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How, in the midst of all this sorrow, can so much hope and love endure? Part of #GeeksPersist . She/her
Sep 6, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
Many conservatives and Christian fundamentalists refer to birth control pills as "abortifacients," because of a mistaken belief that if the user happens to already be pregnant, taking the pills will cause an abortion. 1/ This is because b-c pills were long considered to have the effect of preventing fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus - which, according to some definitions, is after pregnancy has begun, and after according to others. 2/
Jun 19, 2018 29 tweets 10 min read
Just got a report that the immigrant men detained at Sheridan Federal Prison just across the fence from us are able to hear and see those of us gathered in the park, as we rally to support them. ❤️ At the end of the vigil, we all turned toward the prison where we were told the detainees were, and sang "This Land Is Your Land." We also shouted as one, "¡Estamos con Ustedes!"
Jun 14, 2018 20 tweets 7 min read
Today is a very bittersweet day for me and my co-teachers. It's the last day of school, and it's time to say goodbye. We have a mixed age classroom, ages 2.5 to 5, so not everyone will be leaving - but some are moving on to kindergarten. 1/ One of these children entered my classroom at age 2.5 and he has been with me for three years. I ran into him and his family at a local amusement park this weekend, where he was celebrating his birthday. Today is his last day in my classroom. He has spent half his life here. 2/
Apr 3, 2018 26 tweets 4 min read
My FBR party yesterday was a great idea, and I loved seeing everyone's posts about how they contribute to the resistance. However, it got me thinking about two polarizing opinions on HOW we resist, and I'd like to address those. 1/ One point of view seems to be that resisting by retweeting, hosting and joining FBR parties, and sometimes trolling Trump himself or arguing with trolls and conservatives online, are all excellent ways of resisting. 2/
Mar 29, 2018 64 tweets 16 min read
We recently learned that among the first American candidates for national office to make use of Cambridge Analytica's services was Art Robinson, running for US Representative in Oregon's 4th district. But who is Art Robinson? Let's dig into this. 1/… Art Robinson has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California. In 1980 he moved to Oregon and founded the nonprofit Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine in Cave Junction. Don't be fooled, though. This is not a prestigious organization. 2/…
Feb 16, 2018 19 tweets 4 min read
I teach preschool at a community college, and I'd like to talk for a bit about how we prepare in case an active shooter situation were to arise on campus. In such situations, we go into lockdown. It might happen if someone is reported armed and possibly dangerous at the college, or if, say, a volatile, noncustodial parent is seeking access to their child, or a relative with a restraining order, etc.