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Sep 10, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read
1/ Teen social media use is *skyrocketing,* per new nationally representative survey from @CommonSense. But the researchers behind the study say the sky isn't falling. Here's a thread with what you need to know (plus some .gifs.)… 2/ Just how dramatic is the growth in teen social media use?

Percent of teens who say they use social media more than once a day:

2012: 34%
2018: 70%
Jun 13, 2018 18 tweets 9 min read
1/ I spent the past couple months trying to understand how and why #edtech companies are trying to measure, monitor, and mold students' feelings, mindsets, and ways of thinking. You know what that means...thread incoming. 2/ First, let's look at some of the companies & researchers doing this work.…
Nov 13, 2017 16 tweets 12 min read
1/ OK y'all, fair warning, I'm warming up for another thread on #personalizedlearning... 2/ For @EducationWeek’s new special report, we asked 3 dozen educators, experts, and critics to complete 2 simple statements: #PersonalizedLearning SHOULD __________ and SHOULDN’T _____________.…