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MAD AS HELL #PainPatient I'm NOT gonna take it ANYMORE Whovian! #Ammosexual? Don't Even Try GREAT Home biz Link Below Get Your OWN Sales Link on 4000 products
Feb 4, 2018 17 tweets 8 min read
THIS… is BAT$H&T crazy! As a #PainPatient you should know PEOPLE WILL NOT LIVE IN PAIN! if they cant get relief from "Dr Real" they'll get it from "Dr Feelgood" and old Doc Feelgood has NO quality control! THINK THIS THROUGH! Bear with me...
FIRST "Opioid" is FAR 2 BIG A BRUSH! It's HEROIN cut with NON RX foreign fentanyl killing people!
Its AMAZING what $60 can cause 2 arrive at your door as long as you call it research chemicals!
Take a look!……
Then there's #Kolodny!