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Sorry @venkmurthy @onco_cardiology @IbrahimMSaeed1 and others but #WhyCMR is not on this algorithm. Though, it is used frequently as a “catch all” diagnostic test for various cardiomyopathies. 17/
I use cardiac MRI frequently for non-invasive evaluation in AL. Still, you will need biopsy proof of amyloid somewhere in the body before most hematologists will treat.

Amazing summary image by NAC group in London:
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As #ESCCongress nears, I thought I would do a #tweetorial on amyloidosis. Exciting times for the field and new data/treatments expected next week.

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What is amyloidosis?

A protein misfolding disorder in which one of thirty-five distinct proteins pathologically misfolds and aggregates extracellularly as insoluble amyloid fibrils, ultimately leading to organ dysfunction.