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Published: @USAirForce CUWS @htTweet @RussiaBeyond @officialCLAWSIN. Cited: US ArmyWarCollege, US Naval PGS, Johns Hopkins SAIS, @CarnegieEndow @BBC @IDSAIndia
Feb 14, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
1. At Indian Social Institute, Benson Town, Bangalore, a group of white Americans was asking Indians to leave lunch room & sit separately in adjacent room. A friend, who was staying there, yelled at them: "How dare u do this in India?" Stunned Americans apologised. @BlrCityPolice 2. This happened at 1pm, February 13. Indian Social Institute is a Christian run organisation so the Americans may have been part of a church group. They were occupying the main dining room where catering was going on. Indians were asked to take their food and leave.