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Retired criminal investigator, wildlife rescuer & creator of @BullyingBugsMe. Author of FITZGERALD & coming soon; C.J.'s Boy. I #FactCheck & #Verify!
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Sep 17, 2018 42 tweets 32 min read
I'm posting a thread of tweets from women who were victims of sexual assault who are bravely speaking out in support of Christine Blasey Ford. #PostponeTheVote #NoKavanaughVote #MeToo #PostponeTheVote #NoKavanaughVote #MeToo
Thread 2/

Sep 7, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
🔥URGENT - HAPPENING NOW🔥 Nick Warnell👇🏽JUST shot a Colquitt County deputy sheriff (A close friend of mine) He is in the area between Berlin and Ellenton, Georgia. (Cannon & Tillman rd area) He is ARMED and DANGEROUS. More info as it is available. I'm at the scene now. This is a VERY rural area. Lots of woods & fields. They've got a perimeter set up & have more help coming. We're hoping that he's still on foot & hasn't stolen a vehicle or caught a ride.
Aug 27, 2018 20 tweets 5 min read
This is Glenn Harris. Today is his birthday. Glenn died on May 27, 1974. He was 17 years old. He would have graduated from Colquitt County High School in Moultrie, Georgia on the following Saturday. Glenn was swimming at Reed Bingham State Park that day, when one of the... 1/? girls, who could NOT swim, waded into a restricted area of the lake where the shallow water suddenly dropped to a depth of 15 feet. Without hesitation and with no regard for his own safety, Glenn jumped in to help. The girl, acting purely out of fear, grabbed Glenn, pinning- 2/?
Jul 17, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
Lots of folks are joking about #Wouldnt trending, but we should instead use it as a litmus test for true PATRIOTISM in politicians & journalists. It may sound silly, but I’m serious. After the tidal wave of condemnation from Trump's pathetic surrender to Putin, it's obvious...1/5 that his staff searched for anything they could find to spin their way out of the hellhole Trump created and apparently, “wouldn’t” was the best they could do. Of course, anyone who watches the video can tell that it was NOT a mistake. Trump said EXACTLY what he meant. 2/5
Jul 1, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
THIS IS TERRIBLE. It's something I've warned people about who carry weapons, whether concealed or open. While trying to BREAK UP a fight, Navy vet Jason Washington's gun fell from the holster & when he tried to pick it up he was fatally shot by police. Most of the time police are dispatched to fight calls, but it's not unusual for cops to happen upon a fight if they're patrolling an area where there are clubs. Its happened to me & every cop I know. These cops had no idea who was who when the gun came out…
May 31, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
Hey @PressSec Sanders, You asked "Where are the apologies to Trump?" America wants to know; where are the apologies 👉🏽FROM👈🏽 Trump to NFL players for calling them unpatriotic & sons of bitches; to Gold-Star parents, Khizr & Ghazala Khan for implying that Mrs. Khan was not- 1/ allowed to speak because of their religion, that Mr. Khan's speech was written by someone else, & even worse, that Trump's "sacrifices" of "hard work" was somehow comparable to their son's death; to the leaders & citizens of African nations after he called them "shithole... 2/
Apr 19, 2018 15 tweets 5 min read
Bald eagle rescue in progress. Stand by for video. This *juvenile bald eagle, too weak to fly, was discovered at a landfill in South Georgia. It was dehydrated & underweight. I’ll post updates here.

*They don’t get the white head until their 4th or 5th year.
Feb 18, 2018 35 tweets 20 min read
TRUMP CHANGED HIS HEADER PHOTO… again. It may sound silly to mention it, but it IS important. Here’s why… (Thread)

We focus on his tweets – which is reasonable, considering how they could affect the entire frig'n planet – but when it comes to his header photos, we should 1/16 remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Trump spends an inordinate amount of time obsessing over his header photo. He’s like an adolescent teen, sometimes changing it twice in a week. His choices are telling. Let’s start at the beginning, for his first 2/16
Jan 13, 2018 29 tweets 6 min read

Yesterday, as Trump was ranting about “shithole countries,” I was in a county courthouse in Georgia looking at a death certificate for a black man who died in 1930. I watched the courthouse employees’ faces... 1/ closely as they read the cause of death “Unlawful act.” Their confused looks confirmed what I suspected; they had never seen such a vague description listed as a cause of death. They clearly did not know about the incident that occurred there 88 years before, even though it 2/
Sep 23, 2017 18 tweets 6 min read
(THREAD) Why I - (a flag-waver) - support #Kaepernick & #TakeAKnee.
This is the flag that draped my father’s coffin. He was a WWII vet. 1/ He later became the head ranger of a state park & as such, we lived on the park.
One “chore” assigned to me from 2nd grade↑ was to raise 2/