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U.S. Senator from Connecticut.
Sep 25, 2018 8 tweets 2 min read
THREAD: 1/ In response to Trump’s incoherent rant at the UN, Democrats need to rally around a progressive foreign policy that transforms our national security toolkit to meet the new global threats. Some elements: 2/ End our reliance on our military to solve inherently political problems overseas. We keep sending troops to the Middle East and wonder why thugs getting worse. Military restraint IS a policy.
Sep 13, 2018 8 tweets 2 min read
1/ The Trump Administration formally endorsed the U.S. backed bombing of civilians inside Yemen today. You need to start raising your voice on this - now. If you need a quick primer why, read this THREAD 2/ When the Houthis overtook the Saudi-backed government in Yemen, Saudis, with the UAE, launched a counter-offensive. A brutal civil war erupted, and Al Qaeda and ISIS took advantage, taking control of huge amounts of Yemeni territory, growing stronger than ever.
Jul 2, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
THREAD: 1/ I know there's a lot coming at you right now, but please please please pay attention to a pivotal moment in Yemen, the world's worst humanitarian disaster (1m cases of cholera - CHOLERA), caused largely by a U.S. funded nonsensical bombing campaign. 2/ Saudis/UAE launched attack on Hudaydah, the humanitarian port in Yemen. Long siege of this port could make existing famine look like child's play. U.S. is still helping with assault, despite universal opposition from humanitarian groups.
Jun 29, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
Disturbing #WhereAreTheChildren update.

Earlier today, HHS denied me @SenBlumenthal @RepJoeCourtney the ability to visit a child separated from their family who is being housed w a non-profit in our state.

The perverse secrecy of child separation should concern us all. HHS’s excuse was that we need to give 14 days notice. What?? 14 days of forced separation from your parent can traumatize a kid for life. And we aren’t asking to see nuclear codes - we just wanted 10 min to make sure the child is ok.
Jun 13, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
1/ Short THREAD on the impressive chutzpah it took for the Saudis to send out this tweet. Let me tell you the short real story about how a Doctors Without Borders facility was bombed by the Saudi/U.S. coalition this week. 2/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have been building a new cholera treatment facility in a compound in Yemen used by the Red Crescent and MSF. Saudis watched the construction, could have raised questions to MSF about the building.
Jun 12, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
1/ Trump wants supporters of diplomacy, like me, to get caught in a trap where we can't criticize Singapore. I call BS. Trump isn't Obama. North Korea isn't Iran. And the context of the G7 disaster matters. 2/ The syrupy photo op with Kim, on the heels of the brutal treatment of our closest allies at the G7, is an international relations disaster. I'm fine with POTUS talking to our enemies, but not right after you savaged your friends.
Sep 27, 2017 9 tweets 1 min read
THREAD: Freaked out about Puerto Rico? Me too. Here's a short list of what we must do right now to rescue Puerto Rico. 1/ Expand disaster declaration for the whole island. Trump's original order only covered part - whole island needs immediate relief.
Sep 18, 2017 8 tweets 2 min read
THREAD: A short primer on all the ways the #GrahamCassidyBill is an intellectual and moral garbage truck fire. 1/ #GrahamCassidy eliminates protections for people who are or ever have been sick. GONE. Insurers back to denying coverage for the sick.
Sep 13, 2017 6 tweets 1 min read
1/ Backing out of the Iran deal now would effectively end any hope of achieving a diplomatic solution to the North Korea nuclear crisis. 2/ Talk is that Trump will decertify Iran deal allowing Congress to pass new sanctions. That would put Iran back on path to nuclear weapons.