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Teaching meaningful combining of arms since 2006, so you don't have to. Coyote-3U. Proponent of individual sovereignty. 0302 since the late 1900s.
Sep 29, 2018 15 tweets 3 min read
Something I've noticed. Folks keep "defending" Judge K, as if he requires it. This ignores the weakness of the accusers, primarily the Senators who have vilified him... DiFi: She has been so corrupt for so long, in so many different ways, that we have actually come to ACCEPT that as something normal. Why is that? She's shitting on a guy for something that happened ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO. C'mon, that's nothing compared to her crimes.
Jun 26, 2018 25 tweets 4 min read
They assumed we would take it laying down. That was their most egregious mistake. (Thread) Folks who had tramped all over the world, had eaten at the finest restaurants, had met with the most "enlightened" post-modern scholars, came back to their benighted nation and were ashamed. Ashamed of the ideas of the small businessman, the pastor, the construction worker.