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Mar 5, 2018 82 tweets 29 min read
Greetings from the @FLSenate, where they'll be voting out their bill in response to the #StonemanDouglas shooting today. That's after a rare Saturday session to amend the bill. My thread on the Saturday session, which -- fair warning -- is Tolstoy-esque in its length though not its prose, is here:
Feb 27, 2018 81 tweets 19 min read
OK, new thread! Greetings from the Senate Appropriations, where they're set to hear the school safety/mental health/gun access bill as well. To clarify, the last absurdly long thread was House Appropriations. Now we're in Senate Approps. They'll do their version of the bill here, which is now unlike the House version in several significant ways, esp. after amendments in House Approps.