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he/him More GQP reps backed insurgents than vaccines. GQP Weaponizing Asymmetrical polarization #Vote them all out. inspiring quote goes here
Jul 21, 2018 76 tweets 49 min read
#GOPComplicit incumbents represent their donors over constituents.

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Hold them accountable for their actions.
#VoteThemOut #Alabama #VoteThemOut
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#Batman world’s greatest detective here to pull the @freedomcaucus out of the shadows and highlight their enablement of #TrumpTreason and other crimes.

But first who are they?
@pewresearch shows how far outside of the median these reps fall.
pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015… 2. Last week the #FreedomCaucus was busy on a two pronged approach.

First they circled their wagons to defend #GymJordan (like they will for @RepDavid as well) contradicting themselves from last year when they demanded Senator Frankin step down. google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.…