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Jul 9, 2018 34 tweets 18 min read
It's likely that #45 names his nomination to replace Kennedy on the SCOTUS tomorrow. Amongst the Democratic leadership & grassroots activists there is agonizing about what is to be done: put up a fight and recognize @SenateDems have no direct means to stop it OR > 1/ #SCOTUS …fight tooth & nail to postpone until after the election by dragging enough GOP votes to block this. I want to be clear: I believe this appointment is a pivotal one in US and World history, so I come down squarely on the side of fighting it. 2/ #SCOTUS
Feb 1, 2018 25 tweets 8 min read
Here is my thread of optimism for #TheStateOfTheResistance – it is easy to let the events get us down, but: We. Are. Mighty. #StrongerTogether. #BlueWave2018 #BluNami #BlueTsunami2018 1/ Reason 1 for optimism: We are all worried about Trump firing Mueller after, perhaps, he first fires Rosenstein. First, he is getting advised NOT to fire Rosenstein. By his own WH, & by many congressional GOP. newsweek.com/rosenstein-tru… 2/