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Bible & ancient languages. Principal @Tyndale_House Cambridge. Opinions my own. Against most deplatforming so starting with same handle on Gab, Minds & Parler.
Sep 10, 2018 54 tweets 19 min read
Starting a series of tweets on the Parable of the Two Sons (Luke 15:11-32), part of a climactic structure with the lost sheep + lost coin. We begin with an outcast audience in 15:1 'drawing near' as the older son 'drew near' in 15:26. Contrast 'far' in 15:13, 20. #Parableof2Sons Language of proximity + distance in #Parableof2Sons parallels + contrasts deeper realities. Sinners are close to Jesus physically + spiritually. The older son is physically close to dad, but emotionally in a far land. The younger son is far physically, but close to dad's heart.