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We are a 5yr #EUfunded science project investigating hydrology networks and ice flow on #StoreGlacier #Greenland. Poul Christoffersen & team @scottpolar @AU_CfG
Apr 8, 2018 13 tweets 15 min read
In 2013 @IPCC_CH concluded “Surface meltwater, although abundant on the #Greenland ice sheet, does not drive significant changes in basal lubrication that impact on ice sheet flow”. Could the opposite be emerging as a new paradigm? Thread 👇 1/12. Read and tweet. #climateclimate The #IPCC #5AR statement (above) refers to efficient evacuation of meltwater in large channels, which can slow down the #ice flow by removing water that otherwise would lubricate and promote faster sliding over the bed. 2/12…