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I have officially been called a 'creator of unconventionally sized & shaped role playing games'! See also Dread, Swords Without Master. Pronouns in bio: he/him
Aug 30, 2018 56 tweets 19 min read
WARNING: Extensive Self-Promotion Ahead

Folks, due to some large expenses on the horizon—that are altogether exciting & voluntary and not of the GoFundMe variety—I'm shifting my hustle into overdrive for the next few months.

Gird thy loins.

payhip.com/epidiah So if you were thinking, "I wonder when would be a good time for me to pick up those back issues of Worlds Without Master I've always wanted," the answer is "Now."

Jul 12, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
Folks, if you're anything like me, you still use Adobe CS4 because why keep buying shit, but you've also noticed that Photoshop has slowed to a fucking crawl in recent years. Like, make an adjustment-&-then-clean-the-dishes-while-you-wait-for-Photoshop-to-register-it slow. & if you're like me, you recently had a delightful conversation with @portablecity about making merch:

& you've been struggling with this infernally sluggish PS for weeks assuming it was just your computer getting old. Because everything grows old & dies.
Jun 18, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read
Been thinking about this game all night. I think I played this on the Atari 800, though it could have been a Commodore 64. We didn't have it as kids, but our cousins did. I remember which cousins, I remember the cool basement we played in, but I don't remember which computer those cousins had.
Apr 20, 2018 40 tweets 11 min read

"20. Favorite design tools?"

Alright, let's open this toolbox! I'm going to ignore hardware & software for a moment here & discuss them at the end of this thread for reasons I'll get into later.

Instead, I'm going to start with conceptual tools—Paradigms & Practices that have served me well.

We'll start with some Basic P&P…
Apr 5, 2018 18 tweets 6 min read

"5. Favorite game you've worked on"

Obviously, I should pick #SwordsWithoutMaster⚔️. It's what I'm known for & it is destined to be the game that finally usurps #DnD.

But pound for pound, Vast & Starlit is the most important game I've ever made. So it wins. The Vast & Starlit Library, four covers featuring Hubble Space Telescope images of nebulas and a complex orbital drawing. Vast & Starlit was unleashed upon the world 5 years ago last month. Originally, it was only available in print—tiny little game books the size of 2 business cards bound together.

To get it, you had a play a game: Either find me & hand me $1/book I'd hand you from my own wallet…