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M.A. Student @Winthropu. Author 'The Battle of the Catalaunian Fields, AD 451.' Views are my own. #ActuallyAutistic EvanSchultheis@archaeo.social
Jun 5, 2018 41 tweets 13 min read
So about a week ago I put together a survey on Nuclear Power opinions and awareness among internet users. After 215 responses and several days of no activity, I figured I had a pretty decent response. Here are the results (Thread) (1/?) Of 215 participants, 24.2% of them said that they lived within 50km of a nuclear power plant. When asked whether their local power plant engaged in public education about nuclear energy, I had more responses than people who said they lived near a plant. (2/?)
May 15, 2018 18 tweets 5 min read
I keep seeing this come up so I'm going to address it:

#Huns #Xiongnu #Migration #JustinianicPlague

bbc.com/news/science-e… First of all, here's the actual article from Nature: