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Aug 11, 2018 • 16 tweets • 6 min read
Dear @NevilleSouthall,

Hi! You're a great human. I respect all you do. But you're letting a non-autistic person speak for #autistic people, and I - we - need to talk to you about why that isn't okay.

(A thread - that I am happy for others to post on.) #ActuallyAutistic #ActuallyAutistic people, like myself and many others, are spoken for - a lot. We often find ourselves without the ability to speak freely.

Not because of our own difficulties, but because we are spoken over. And ignored.

This can be small-scale, like at home...
Jul 29, 2018 • 14 tweets • 3 min read
This is good. But I have many thoughts.
A thread. (1/12) As stated by @MrsNickyClark - this might be something positive but it's more of a U-turn than anything else. The current Government were busy making the criteria for badges harder before making a full 180 degree turn and putting a fun sounding spin on it.