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Tracking SAA & ISIS mostly via Facebook | Consultant @CrisisGroup | Researcher @syrian_archive | Analyst @FightExtremism | Non-Resident Scholar @MEI_Syria
Sep 4, 2018 6 tweets 6 min read
Profile for al-Komeet Forces: a #Tiger_Forces "storming unit" from Tartous led by Firas Issa (pic 1).

Group is approx company-sized (~80 men) and is the *only* known TF unit fighting IS in south Syria (now moving to Lajat). Al-Komeet is particularly interesting bc they have close ties to both #Hezbollah and Bustan Association.

While Tigers fought IS in Reef #Aleppo in Jan 2017, al-Komeet was fighting in #Qaryatayn w/ #Hezbollah & al-Rashashat Battalion of the Bustan Association.
Aug 8, 2018 9 tweets 4 min read
1/8 Short thread on Dyab “Abu Arab” Afouf, commander and founder of the Tiger Forces’ “Abu Arab Groups” from Harasta, Damascus. Here he meets with Suheil on Oct 3, 2017. 2/8 According to opposition sources, Afouf’s father was a close bodyguard of Hafez Assad but was killed when he tried to run away. Dyab Afouf was reportedly known for selling drugs & alcohol in Harasta before becoming a ‘Shabiha’ then joining TF.
Jun 17, 2018 20 tweets 15 min read
New thread on interesting SAA & Republican Guard facts/anecdotes I’m finding for an upcoming report. Mostly stuff from earlier in the war. Video shows #Chechen foreign fighters in Ballermoun, Aleppo on March 17, 2014

On 3/21 rebels here killed Maj General Samea Abbas, head of the 102nd Regiment RG. On 3/25 they killed Brig General Qasi Mohammad, commander of the 415th Battalion of the 102nd.
Mar 26, 2018 28 tweets 10 min read
Robert and I spent 6 months 'inside' IS FB communities documenting their culture and strategies. We also mapped the connections between 1000 FB accounts from every inhabited continent. Full (lengthy) report to be published by @FightExtremism in early May.
We saw 1st-hand IS use FB to recruit westerners and how FB's recommended friends algorithm rapidly connects you to active IS networks. Once one IS supporter is friended, dozens from around the globe are recommended. Read this thread for just some examples:
Jan 11, 2018 48 tweets 22 min read
Thread] Timeline of events in #Harasta #Damascus. 188 reported govt deaths since 11/14. 49 officers KIA. Total deaths likely reach 300.
Phase 1: 75 reported KIA
Phase 2: 113 reported KIA Many high ranking officers died in both offensives including 10 Generals & Colonels (more than on any other front in November & December).