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Jul 5, 2018 13 tweets 7 min read
Meet Leo Murray, @crisortunity.

Leo is a British environmental activist, co-founder of 10:10 Climate Action + mastermind behind the Trump Baby, @TrumpBabyUK balloon.

Take a look at @1010’s “No Pressure” campaign video below.

⚠️ NSFW - They literally blow kids up.

Jul 2, 2018 13 tweets 16 min read
@zdogg8 @ThomasWictor Right... well, unfortunately, the @DailyMailUK is about 13 days late + several million dollars short.

A cursory Google search would’ve shown you that, but by all means, allow me. See “How the Media Works” by Angie Chapman below.

It’s a pop-up book!!

👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 @zdogg8 @ThomasWictor @DailyMailUK The article you linked was published 6/25/18.
Jun 30, 2018 26 tweets 50 min read
@Greyhound80 @sara_Hamilton1 @JimmyKouns @H_Lipton17 @kaitlancollins Here you go -

It started with 1 tweet. From @AP, ffs. They reported that the ‘@NRA banned guns during Trump / Pence speeches at their annual meeting’.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the NRA doesn’t decide who has a gun around POTUS, the @SecretService does. @Greyhound80 @sara_Hamilton1 @JimmyKouns @H_Lipton17 @kaitlancollins @AP @NRA @SecretService And let’s not pretend that ANYONE at @AP doesn’t know that.

So I, and many other Twitter users, called bullshit.👇🏼