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Aug 8, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
I need to make a thread real quick, because this is actually kind of a Big Deal for me. So, back in the halcyon days of 2011, I had a partner, let's call them Mag. Mag and I were mid-coitus (listen I used halcyon now I'm using coitus just go with me, I paid for the 50 cent words and I'm gonna use them) and suddenly, without warning or negotiation, called me "Daddy"
Aug 6, 2018 18 tweets 4 min read
@Delta Don't treat me like cargo.

In fact, cargo is treated better than I have been. In my last 3 flights, at least once at every stop, I have been overlooked by wheelchair assistance. At least once at every stop I have had to request a wheelchair attendant more than once. At least once at every stop I have had to combine the luck of having a delta employee in shouting distance with that employee not being busy with other things in order to be able to move about the gate, whether to get food, drink water, or use the restroom. It is dehumanizing.
Aug 5, 2018 12 tweets 10 min read
#Woodhull #SFS18 #Blogsquad Wrap thread: Holy cats.

Going into woodhull (I'm going to use woodhull and SFS interchangeably, deal with it), my expectations were kinda murky. I had this nebulous idea back in September of 2017 that I was going to Get Serious about wanting to interact with the #Blogsquad & write again.