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WMD proliferation, sanctions, and Middle East politics. Researcher @UNIDIR. Research Associate @GlobalGov_IHEID. Alum @StanfordCISAC and @McGillU. Views mine.
Nov 27, 2017 10 tweets 9 min read
New @nytimes piece captures recent wave of #Iran|ian nationalism, particularly among non-principlists (-conservatives), that seasoned analysts have been noting for some time. But there are some important caveats to consider. nytimes.com/2017/11/26/wor… 1/ Article starts w/ beheading of Mohsen Hojaji by #ISIL. Then, bizarrely, article attributes cause of nationalist wave to #Trump & #Saudi. ISIL carried out terrorist attack on #Tehran!!! It is arguably larger structural factor that triggered wave since 2014, but largely ignored! 2/