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Proud Mama of autistic twins, trigeminal neuralgia;unapologetically sweary- #BLM #Feminist #LGBTQIA+Ally NO MAGAs.
Sep 16, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
My 13yo #autistic son went to Michigan’s game yesterday. His friend’s dad was a supporter of #Trump. He called #Democrats a derogatory name ending in “- TARD”. My son, being an advocate but still scared, said “I’m autistic and that word is offensive to me.” 1/ 2/ “it’s offensive because of “tard”. You know that word comes from the R word, retard.” He said it in a shaky voice. The man said “oh no! I didn’t mean it THAT way. I mean like moron.” My son looked at him and said, “exactly my point.” 2/