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Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers. -Mignon McLaughlin
Oct 8, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read
What they didn't *want* you to know about Christopher Columbus:

1) Columbus did not set people straight about the shape of the world. Navigators in his time all believed that the world was round. 2) Columbus was wrong about geography, not a lone rebel who was right. He thought that a trip to Japan was only 3,000 miles. In reality, it would be 12,000 miles even if a route existed.
Jul 20, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
I'll share a few pictures I've taken of Earth's nearest neighbor. Here's the full Moon last October.
#NationalMoonDay The Moon's brightest crater, Aristarchus lies in shadow near the river-like channels where lava once flowed.