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Jun 5, 2018 63 tweets 13 min read
Jun 5, 2018 17 tweets 4 min read
Here's the long awaited mega-thread on the basics of how to be an intelligence analyst & how your own mind can fuck you over & trick you, how to watch for it in yourself & others. This is a powerpoint thread, so I'll only type in here rarely. Strap in, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
May 9, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
So Mike @MichaelAvenatti, you've just proven once again, by reporting your "investigative findings" of Michael Cohen by investigating the WRONG GOD DAMN MICHAEL COHEN, that lawyers need to stay in their fucking lanes & let actual investigators do investigations. You suck goat-ass I mean, let's just look at some ACTUAL invesitgative findings, simply performed, using public records access, specifically US Census data. There are 1397 people named Michael Cohen in the United States alone. With that big of a pool, absolute verification is common procedure.
May 9, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Some Agencies are fine. I don't mind the FBI (for the most part, I LOVE my friends & colleagues in the rank & file, not so much the DC politicos) and the CIA & various military Intel Agencies are vital, but many have been infiltrated & subverted since the Church Committee. I was at ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) for 4 years & loved it & still keep in touch with my mentor from there. We play "Go" over the email and telephone. ONI is America's first Intel Agency founded in March, 1882 & served honorably since.
May 9, 2018 35 tweets 6 min read
This is an excellent thread and I'm using it as a jumping off point to get something off my chest that's been bothering me for YEARS. -Thread birthed from a thread. FusionGPS and HAKLUYT bill themselves as private intelligence firms. There are actually quite a few private intelligence firms in the world. I am the founder and CEO of one myself. But let me tell you about the problems I have with these type assholes.
Apr 20, 2018 37 tweets 7 min read
Well, Bruce Ohr & FusionGPS is back in the news again & there's even a mention of his mysterious wife, whom we know almost nothing about other than she's been kept hushed up. nationalreview.com/2018/04/collud… Let's change that This thread all is about Nellie & what she really stands for & what she really believes about history & how it should be taught & you'll be horrified.
Apr 17, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
These are the 4 stages of the subversion campaign. Each is a long term stage which leads into & overlaps with the following stage. Bezmenov's orgininal timeline was little off, as his info was only current to 1970 & things change situationally, requiring adjustments. Demoralizatio n began in 1964 & went until Destabilization began around 1992-3 and continued till the crisis period began round 1997 & Communist Normalizaton began in earnest between 2003-2005 with the development of Social Media, used as the normalization vector.
Apr 17, 2018 18 tweets 4 min read
I think it's about right. There's the human psychosocial element, in that we've had 54 years of Communist ideological subversion in the US in a non-stop, largely unopposed, high intensity level that's been denied & obfuscated by most folks. Either as nonexistent or a benefit. Those that have denied it have ignored all the evidence of it as well as the serious ramifications of it's effects. Those that are all for it, think the subversions they've accepted as a better way of thinking, behaving, living & believing don't even realize how warped they are.
Apr 4, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
As far as I can tell it's mainly environmental. Isolationism is not a human survival instinctual characteristic. We are a herd species for safety and survival and tend to snap under long term isolation. That's why it's illegal to use for detainees under the Geneva Convention. Conspiratorial thinking is a social product of the 1960's and later, exacerbated by cable TV and later the internet. Lower IQ people, in particular, are more drawn to conspiratorial thinking due to the "smart sounding logic" of the pseudo-intellectual conspiracy-mongers.
Jan 4, 2018 21 tweets 5 min read
Well the Wilderness of Mirrors is even more confusing now, thanks to this Dec 28th, 2017 revelation by The Daily Beast, which I classify as "weaponized information" to further a larger Dezinformatisiya campaign. - Thread thedailybeast.com/the-kgb-papers… I have downloaded the original documents in the Russian language & am currently validating their integrity. Thus far, they appear to be genuine. The information within them corroborates other intelligence I was already aware of.
Dec 31, 2017 58 tweets 10 min read
You are factually correct in ways you may not be aware. There is a CIA sanctioned media-influence operation intended for greater propaganda dissemination, but conspiracy theories surrounding it are totally inaccurate in very critical areas, like it's history, motives & codename. It began during WW2 as a minor OSS propaganda op targeting nazi controlled areas with fact-based counter-propaganda radio broadcasts. Due to a situation involving an obscure European journalists professional membership organization, the newly minted CIA began expanding it in 1947
Dec 22, 2017 63 tweets 12 min read
Well now, this article comes across my desk twice in 24 hrs & I've been aware of this fact & how it fits into the very complex multilayered fact patterns I've been posting out in all of my threadstorms in the last month I just haven't meandered my way into weaving in yet till now This takes us all the way back to Perestroika & the fall of the Berlin Wall & the diaspora of senior Soviet officials into the new oligarchy & senior & most sinister KGB officials into the Russian Mafia & is at the very core of the launch of The Perestroika Deception.