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“The eerie, wailing Hymn caused insanity even in hardened warriors.” —Sarpadian Empires, vol. II
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The Flame of Keld

The 1st chapter represents the desperation of the Keldons as they gave up everything to escape the Ice Age. Chapter 2 is the Keldons gaining power over fire so they can to survive. Chapter 3 is the following military conquest…
#mtgDOM Keldon Warlord was one of the most popular red creature in Alpha (1993).
It was so popular that in the following years, WOTC built a lot of cards and stories around the mythical warriors of Keld.
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Liliana Vess story;

Forget about Nicol Bolas, Yawgmoth or that junior devil Ob Nixilis.

The most evil vilain in the Multiverse (after our Elder Lord Belzenlok of course) is Liliana Vess.

Here a thread about it.

#mtgDom #Vorthos You probably heard about these dark tales and legend around the Caligo swamps, tales about ghosts and a tragic murder story that ended the house of Vess who ruled this place long ago.

Here is the truth.
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25 years of Phyrexia machinations

In the following thread, I will go through the story of #Phyrexia set by set.

Buckle up and sit tight.

#MtgDom The first mention of Urza and Mishra was in Alpha on these 3 cards.

When Alpha and Beta sold out, WOTC needed new sets quickly. They made Antiquities in less than 6 month with the Brother's War and Phyrexia as the story
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"One #ArabianNights tale concerns an evil blacksmith who repented his ways and, as a result, found that he could handle fire and forge metal with his bare hands -- thus, a 1/2 creature with protection from Red."


#Vorthos Sick with fear that his glorious realm will pass away, the Caliph Haroun persuades the Sandman to take the city into dream, where it will live forever. In similar fashion, City in a Bottle removes all Arabian Nights cards from the game, except itself