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Won Judgment for Minors' Constitutional Rights to Free Speech in Echols v. FEC. Kicked NOW/Planned Parenthood's Ass on Applying the KKK Act to Operation Rescue.
Sep 17, 2018 7 tweets 5 min read
@bexbexbex26 @BFriedmanDC I assume that your avatar is an indication of your interest in the law, but I may be wrong. If you are an attorney, then you will be aware of the many presumptions that courts permit juries to invoke in resolving disputes. @bexbexbex26 @BFriedmanDC One such presumption is that an innocent person, when accused falsely of some act, will speak out, objecting to the false accusation. In fact, one's silence in face of such accusations is admissible evidence. Consider a case of vehicular homicide decided on the California SCT:
Sep 8, 2018 21 tweets 5 min read
Like many of you, I followed the four days of hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Here's what I learned:

@SenWhitehouse @SenFeinstein @CoryBooker #JudgeKavanaugh #RoevWade #obergefell The Democrats in the Senate are unhinged. Their disgraceful conduct insures that future nomination proceedings will more likely be carnival sideshows of screeching protestors interspersed with Senators demanding to ask questions and refusing to allow answers w/out interruption.
Sep 3, 2018 8 tweets 7 min read
@AlisonFrankel @NatashaBertrand @glennkirschner2 I can't answer with certainty, but I can imagine, based on working w/ Jay since 1988, and for him from 1989 until 2012 when was fired. In that period, Sekulow did not (a) do original research on legal issues we handled, first at CASE, then at ACLJ, (b) draft legal arguments. @AlisonFrankel @NatashaBertrand @glennkirschner2 In fact, while teaching a course on Litigating Federal Civil Rights Claims, I was discussion the problem of plagiarism in legal writing, and the related problem of ghost-writing of legal products.
Sep 2, 2018 40 tweets 6 min read
What does tyranny look like?

Here's a letter to General Winfield Scott from Abraham Lincoln: "To the Commanding General of the Arm of the United States

You are engaged in repressing an insurrection against the laws of the United States. If at any point on or in the vicinity of the military line, which now used between the City of Philadelphia and the City of Washington,
Aug 30, 2018 5 tweets 4 min read
@tribelaw "mourning a great man" while sitting next to her husband and the other sixth graders. @tribelaw Notice that the flash nearly whitens #muhammedali into non-existence, and that the focus is sharpened on the baby king, @BarackObama: Obama: Look, I don't know why he has to be in the picture, but make sure the flash washes him out!
Aug 30, 2018 5 tweets 5 min read
@mirandayaver Yes, it is shameful.

In the meantime, here's a photograph tweeted by President Obama. Depicted is Rosa Parks, who fought to win equal accommodations rights for African Americans.

#hypocrisymuch @mirandayaver Terrible, terrible. How could Trump confuse himself for John McCain? I mean, it would be like tweeting a photograph of yourself touring a political prisoner's former cell, right?

Aug 25, 2018 5 tweets 6 min read
@tribelaw A lot easier to say when the one being taken down is "not your guy."

Fact is, we've just been through 8 years of hell brought to us in the form of a president who most certainly was "not our guy."

So, no, don't misunderstand just how dangerous the game is that you play. @tribelaw The $$$ from @HillaryClinton's 2016 campaign buying fake information dossier from disgraced former British spy, @johnpodesta's @jouleunlimited $75K in stocks, @BarackObama's, "I'll have more flexibility after the election."
Jul 24, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
@RevRobSchenck1 May we find courage in these days?

These are the days in which the Mexico City Policy has been restored, and strengthened.

These are the days in which a President has stood for life of the unborn more clearly and vigorously than any since Roe v. Wade. @RevRobSchenck1 May we find courage in these days?

Do you remember NOT DRIVING foreign made vehicles because your Buffalo congregation depended on the US automobile manufacturing industry for their employment?

Do you resent that this President is actually taking action to benefit those folks?
Jul 1, 2018 10 tweets 10 min read
@melodijoy @christineyhsd I'm perfectly willing to admit facts. I don't dispute the "pussy grab" remark. You asserted as fact that the paeons paid by his cabinet were ordered by Trump.

I'll make a deal with you. You comment back with links to your proof. I'll read the links, and re-tweet every one. @melodijoy @christineyhsd In the meantime, here's the CNN coverage. No prompting of cabinet members by the Don. So, are you grifting, an idiot, or participating in the Demo-con?…
Jun 30, 2018 18 tweets 14 min read
@ShadowingTrump Because Hillary didn't drop a deuce in Bill's drawers with her idiotic attack on the WH Travel Office? Born since 2000? @ShadowingTrump Let's leave aside the questions some raise about the suicide. Vince's sad end is a testament to what a cold hearted bitch Hitlery Clintler proved to be.