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Planning alum @UofMaryland, foodie, autistic, gay, Jew. I write Flavors of Diaspora. He/him. RT=/=endorsement. Personal account. Tweets mine, not employer's.
Feb 13, 2018 โ€ข 36 tweets โ€ข 9 min read
1) *puts on amateur food historian hat*
Listen up kids. So when #Trump wants to replace #SNAP benefits with a box of prepackaged dry goods, itโ€™s not just about #fruits and #veggies. Itโ€™s about power, race, ethnicity, labor, energy, disability, and language as well. 2) What people eat and what people are supposed to eat and what people had access to eat has always been informed by power. In ancient times, it may have been the nobility eating meat and wheat bread while peasants ate potages. Nowadays, itโ€™s what people should not eat.