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Hello! NYT Author, TV (CNN, BBC) prof Reading, historian - House of Shadows & Rival Queens out now. Once led the Kinver Gnomes (Brownies) to Victory
Oct 8, 2018 11 tweets 5 min read
.@thetimes review headlined #MaryQueenofScots as a #MeToo monarch. When she was r*ped by Bothwell, she said it, men around her agreed & Bothwell said he did it. BUT since historians claimed she made it up. So not he said /she said. She said /he agreed - but still not believed! 1 And why was #MaryQueenofScots not believed? Because when Bothwell came to her while she was travelling and said she must accompany him to his castle because rioting ahead, she did. But 1) he had many more men than she did 2) he had protected her before-she believed him 2)