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Historian at Cornell University. Views expressed here are my own.
Sep 11, 2018 14 tweets 4 min read
Thread on the second Ezra Klein tweet in recent days that, I believe, frames an important problem badly, and dangerously so. (The first was on Trump's view of history.) This one manages to be bad in multiple ways. 1/ First, he elevates business (Silicon Valley) at the expense of politics (DC), invoking a false dichotomy. As @margaretomara and many other historians have shown, Silicon Valley would not exist were it not for the federal government. 2/
Sep 6, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
An underemphasized point about the self-serving op ed is how wrong it is in the claim that Trump "shows little affinity for ideals espoused by conservatives." On by far their biggest issue, tax cuts for the rich, the president has been their dream. 1/ What about other “conservative ideals”? Abortion? Gun control? Regulation? Military spending? Court appointments? In all these ways, he has been probably the most hardline conservative president in our history. 2/
Aug 26, 2018 38 tweets 10 min read
Here’s a thread on my History of US Capitalism graduate seminar, prompted by the response, both critical and positive, to my tweet last week, which showed some of the books that we will be reading. (Warning: this is a long thread.) 1/ Here's more of an explanation of how I conceive of the course and the field. My photo is like a partial list of ingredients. I’d like to share more about the recipe., to move from the historical version of "Chopped" to "Iron Chef" (or, you might think, "America's Worst Cooks") 2/