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Senior admin, researcher, poli scientist: The Equity Myth (17);Nuances of Blackness in Canadian Academy (22); Critical Concepts (23) @GapDiversity #BlackAlberta
Jun 27, 2018 9 tweets 9 min read
Eight diversity gap studies (2016-18)-and accompanying infographics-on Canadian universities are available open-access. Intersectional equity studies examine representation, recognition, research chairs (CRCs, Canada150), leadership #cdnpse

Diversity Gap uofaawa.wordpress.com/awa-diversity-… 2)One early independent study focused on the persistent inequities in research chairs, which universities are finally addressing: "Gender Gap in Canada Research Chairs by Tier and Granting Agency at U15 Institutions" (Aug 2016) #cdnpse
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Apr 14, 2018 81 tweets 59 min read
Awful: A @Starbucks barista profiled & called the police on 2 Black male customers sitting in a cafe. 2.The customers, real estate brokers, were waiting for a third person. 3.Equally awful, the police handcuffed/criminalized the men for: #BlackInStarbucks? twitter.com/i/moments/9852… 2) @Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson: “Reprehensible outcome in Philadelphia event: “...express our deepest apologies to the two men who were arrested with a goal of doing whatever we can to make things right” #BlackInStarbucks news.starbucks.com/views/starbuck…
Apr 6, 2018 10 tweets 7 min read
“Lack of diversity persists among teaching staff at Canadian universities, colleges, report...wage gaps for women and racial minorities entrenched with little change over a decade...number of Black university teachers has barely budged in 10 years” #cdnpse thestar.com/news/gta/2018/… Good to see CAUT release this report, building on our original scholarship in The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities (2017). Faculty assocs, like senior admins, have been slow to address equity, esp racial equity, biases, bullying etc. It’s urgent