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Journalist for 28 years. MEP who voted the UK out the EU. Do some presenting on @GBNEWS, Britain's Most-Loved News Brand
Jul 10, 2018 • 8 tweets • 3 min read
THREAD: A question of policing priorities. Today, an investigation begins into why senior police officers failed to take action over Rotherham child abuse allegations. Over 1,500 girls were raped & sexually exploited by Muslim grooming gangs… It's been called "the biggest child protection scandal in UK history". Yet reports written by Dr Angie Heal between 2003-2006 were ignored. A senior officer finally said looking into these sex rings was not as important as "burglary and car crime"
Feb 2, 2018 • 9 tweets • 3 min read
1. END OF WEEK THOUGHT: One of the many, obvious benefits of getting out of the media/Twitter bubble and talking to real people is that you get a much more accurate view of how real people are thinking 2. This week I've spoken with hundreds of teenagers and over 100 parents across UK and hot topic was fear around the male/female interface in light of #MeToo #PresidentsClub #HarveyWeinstein and even #DartsWalkOnGirls #f1gridgirls