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If u only defend free speech when it's racist, sexist or homophobic, u don't love free speech u love bigotry. e-transfer donations
Jul 29, 2018 11 tweets 10 min read
@AndrewScheer @CPC_HQ @AndrewScheer how conveniently you forgot your party's out-of-control spending. Canadians who were starving + struggling to survive during the 2008 economic crisis haven't forgot. If any Canadian has forgotten it is our duty + pleasure, as Canadians, to remind them. #cdnpoli
1/10 @AndrewScheer @CPC_HQ In 2012 while Canadians were maxing out food banks, struggling + barely able to afford food, Conservatives gave $826,000 to Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd., to help produce “a higher quality sausage that is more resistant to splitting or bursting while cooking.” #cdnpoli