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Jun 18, 2018 12 tweets 10 min read
Mental illnesses are brain based medical illnesses which affect the way we feel, think and behave, but most times we find that people excuse their general disinterest in the topic of mental illnesses by calling it an invisible illness. This is a thread. #KeeptalkingMH #endstigma A key part of the definition above highlights that these illnesses also affect the way we behave, hence proving that indeed it does present with physical components, #KeeptalkingMH #IamMentallyAware #EndStigma
Jun 13, 2018 28 tweets 9 min read
Guys, it's time we had this discussion we always shy away from. Thread below.

#keeptalkingMH There needs to be a better dialogue surrounding mental health, and not just one that only occurs after public tragedies when it’s already too late.

Apr 23, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read
If you need psychological help, and you ask for it, or post a tweet that suggests you need help, and we are tagged to it, we assure you, we will do everything to reach out to you regardless of your past or present. We aren't here to be your judges and we will hear you out. Here's reason why we won't take any suicide tweet or call as a joke:

No suicide attempt or cry for help should be dismissed or treated lightly! /1