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I am Nationalist and humbled to be followed by PM @narendramodi
Jun 13, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
Stop peddling this trash. Time for this is over. If you are a true Hindutva warrior as you r claiming then support MODI unconditionally.
There is no better alternative for India than Modi.NOTA &voting for any other party is bringing back Cong which will be detrimental fr Hindus ⏩18452 villages Electrified, over 1 crore household lit. Is this not for Hindus
⏩27 Km. Highways,140 km Rural roads who is benefiting
⏩11 crore LPG distributed
⏩7 crore toilets construction who is benefiting❓
⏩31 crore Banks Accounts opened, Health &insurance
Apr 12, 2018 23 tweets 17 min read
Both Unnao& Kathua rapes r horrific &shameful, perpetrators must be punished severly and swiftly but politicising and giving it a communal color is hampering investigations& delaying justice.

RG must answer wasnt #JammuBandh supported by Cong,NC & panthers
#JusticeforAsifa Undoubtedly culprits mst b punished but shd we remain silent on attempts of communalising rape who reportedly concluded that #Asifa became victim becoz Hindus had some scores to settle with Muslims.The Investigating officer is fm Kashmir faced charges of rape