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We need to force governments to take #ClimateCrisis seriously. #BlackLivesMatter #VoiceTreatyTruth If you're not anti-fascist, why the fuck not?
Nov 28, 2017 59 tweets 17 min read
1. Okay #auspol, here comes the big #s44 #citizenship drop. Someone will have to bring this up, and actually someone who should know better already has. Let’s get some height first, survey the terrain and identify the targets. 2. On Sunday I listed the 15 lower house MPs I believe most likely to be headed out the door because they’re dual citizens. I could add about ten more, the tap never stops running, but for now this thread reviews the cases of one category of MP.
Nov 25, 2017 61 tweets 15 min read
Hey #auspol I know you're focused on #qldvotes but I’m ready for a 100-tweet balls-out thread about #citizenshit. Wanna help me to bring down this crapulous collection of nongs, chancers and half-wits known as the Australian government? Okay, no-one said “no” so let’s do it! This thread *will* bring down the government, but you need to follow me down some rabbit holes and RT like the government depends on it. Let's start by looking at section 44 of the constitution.…