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A Finn in England since -92. Perfumer, writer and geek. She/her/hän. Perfumery @Olfiction Council member @BSP50 views my own, etc. #BLM
Jul 17, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
I am #OneOfThe3Million and have been since 1992. Got my National Insurance number, Indefinite Leave to Remain; have studied, worked, paid tax, co-founded a business, employ people; know how to make a decent cup of tea. This is my home. But now I’ll have to apply to stay.1/6 I wrote to the Home Office to ask if my Indefinite Leave to Remain from back in pre-Finland joining the EU would be enough. They sent me a copy of the letter that said I can stay indefinitely, accompanied by another letter saying it didn’t count as proof.2/6