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let's get our priorities straight
Feb 22, 2018 10 tweets 2 min read
With all the talk of AR-15s just being another gun I feel like I should address that. First off, the AR-15 is basically a copy of the M4/M16 in looks and functionality.
Thread Now, I was trained how to use both the M4 and M16. It's amazing, it's light, accurate, durable, has little to no recoil, and it's easy to clean.
Nov 18, 2017 5 tweets 2 min read
Everyone gather around I have something to get off my chest.
#TheResistance got played like a fiddle with the #AlFranken accusations. Russia or the alt right took advantage of a hot button item and got us all heated.
Thread Now, I'm guilty of getting worked up. Some of us took to our timelines, some of us vented to friends, some of us choose to stay quite.
Nov 2, 2017 9 tweets 14 min read
Pull up a seat and grab a cup the Earl Grey is hot. It's time to talk about the people trying to hijack #TheResistance on Nov 4th.
Thread @stormresist2017 @Alyssa_Milano @BadHombreNPS @BeSeriousUSA @AZ_Indivisible @jacksnowknows @CaptainsLog2017 @Guinan2017 We have an active threat facing our movement. They come under the disguise of #RefuseFascism and they want to poison our resistance.
Oct 29, 2017 12 tweets 2 min read
Seeing a lot of talk of violence pushed by trolls and bots with a few resistance accounts mixed in. So let's talk why that's not smart. First off it discredits all the hard work we have all put in if let this talk turn into something real.