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Applied sociologist. Peruvian-Australian/ Latina on Gadigal land. #Latins #Intersectionality, equity & diversity. Founder @sociologyatwork. Co-manage @STEMWomen
Jul 22, 2018 18 tweets 7 min read
Let's talk about the racism by "Vieno Vehko," pseudonymous assistant prof from a USA Midwestern university. This article is not simply about "millennials." It is about Whiteness & how White academics expect to teach students like themselves

#marginsci The piece is racially loaded in a way White academics & students have missed in their critiques. The author explicitly takes swipe at young people- but not equally.She begins with skewering Susie for not looking up 'lexical' in the dictionary. #POC can pick up that Susie is White screengrab of article from
Jul 18, 2018 10 tweets 2 min read
How does a White Australian woman sociologist lay a claim to decolonising sociology without throughly engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women & femme scholarship? Without discussing fellow sociologist Prof Aileen Moreton-Robinson? journals.sagepub.com/stoken/default… How does a White woman sociologist ignore Australian women of colour who specialise in critical race and ethnicity studies? How does she put herself forward as an expert in decolonising knowledge when her body of work has pretty much ignored race?