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#CreepyPornLawyer client 🚨Julie Swetnick🚨


Questionable why she holds Security Clearance‼️

🔷History of legal disputes in several states.

🔷Defamation and fraud lawsuit against Swetnick in Oregon in November 2000 (WebTrends) .2
🔷WebTrends accused Swetnick of lying about graduating John’s Hopkins

🔷WebTrends filed suit for “inappropriate conduct,” making “false and retaliatory allegations” of sexual harassment against two male co-workers.
Sep 21, 2018 10 tweets 4 min read
Holton-Arms yearbook, Scribe, shows a privileged culture that makes “Ridgemont High” look tame!

White Privilege much⁉️

😱It’s no surprise these yearbooks were scrubbed from the Internet!😱

Administration approved this book and parents purchased ads! 2) 10th Grade is the year of induction to the culture of drinking, parties and promiscuity at Holton-Arms!

One sophomore was known for her parties, one featured a male stripper as the entertainment!

Parties during the week, all night parties, where are the parents?