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Jul 25, 2018 14 tweets 4 min read
In the near-term prehistory of the #WhiteHelmets controversy, @PiersRobinson1 referred to the UK Conflict Stability & Security Fund's own (CSSF) account of the support it gave to what it misleadingly refers to as the 'Syrian Civil Defence' (SCD):… The key document @PiersRobinson1 refers to is the draft 'SYRIA RESILIENCE CSSF PROGRAMME SUMMARY' (…), for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (lead partner), Department for International Development, Ministry of Defence, National Crime Agency & Home Office.
May 5, 2018 25 tweets 11 min read
I am grateful to @Brian_Whit. In his sneering attack on @VanessaBeeley as a "goddess" of the Syrian war, and his side-swipe at Robert Stuart (@cerumol)’s dissection of @BBCPanorama’s “Saving Syria’s Children”, he picks on a key to understanding what the UK has done in Syrian war. Brian Whitaker claims that in the Syrian war of words, honest reporting and the search for truth have come under attack. He starts, as is typical of establishment writers, by assuming that his reporting is unquestionably honest and true.
Apr 21, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
This is important: @EHSANI22 recalls that for nearly 6 years before the start of the Syrian crisis, he used @joshua_landis' blog to criticize the performance of the Syrian economy, corruption & host of governance issues. Syria is not just 'good' v 'bad'. This is what @EHSANI22 wrote on @joshua_landis' Syria Notebook on 10 Feb 2012: " ...[Where has the 'opposition been?] ...We have gone from being in a coma to calling for the downfall of the regime and even the hanging of its leader. This is insanity..."…
Feb 12, 2018 22 tweets 7 min read
George Monbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot ) has called on @Tim_Hayward_ and @PiersRobinson1 to answer five questions raised here by a certain @tettodoro:…. They in turn have invited him to debate the question in a proper forum. After a certain amount of preliminary ‘disruptive intercourse’ @tettodoro comes to his five questions, which I consider in the rest of this thread: