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Here to ⛈️⚡️⚡️🌧️🌦️ Trust Yourself & God #MAGAstrology
Sep 16, 2018 6 tweets 5 min read
I heard the MEGA meme folder was back, and I tried it!
It's BACK, bb's!
And I missed the April MOAB but I'm going to drop these memes here anyway (bc there are others w/o the date) & tell y'all abt a dream I had back around then. I dreamed I went to a college campus & many students walked around everywhere in celebration. AntiFA/Marxist sympathy ran low & the few left in the "resistance" seemed more like angry emo teens than protesters.
Jun 3, 2018 12 tweets 6 min read
I won't speak to yr culture, but history, not thru "American" eyes but thru the lens of historic record.
Countless ethnic groups and subgroups, from Ibernians to Huns, all occupied different regions, negotiating & sometimes warring much like Native American tribes, until.. ...the Roman Empire swarmed over Europe from south to north, assimilating, decimating (killing 1/10), or exterminating ethnic groups in turn (remember the Iceni & Queen Boudicca! U have a fkn statue!). End result: less diverse groups under a Roman banner as the remnants of each..
May 14, 2018 16 tweets 7 min read
This thread is a brief story outline of how I woke up, and how I was #redpilled. For muh followers, a little story of my #GreatAwakening, in tweets, to show, y I am a real person. Tell me if you catch the abbrevs, or if u don't. Tag me if u share a story. Godspeed, #patriots. 1. When I was younger...
a)Feb 1998: read 1984. Picture of Big Brother on TV screen as I walk into class freaks. me. thefuck. out.
b)May, 98: see Matrix cinema premiere. Sudden paradigm shift. Intuitive knowing: This is more real than fiction.
c)June 3, 2000: BCT, USNG. FtJ,SC