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Jul 21, 2018 • 5 tweets • 13 min read
@ASKusmer @ddimick @onthemedia @InsideNatGeo @DrTempleGrandin @nytimes e.g., the core narrative that CO2-driven warming is a "problem to solve." Given known knowns on social, CO2 fronts, seems far more an emergent risk to work on in a sustained way. The attached slide puts this in the context of other "War On.." issues. 1/ @ASKusmer @ddimick @onthemedia @InsideNatGeo @DrTempleGrandin @nytimes Others are increasingly making this point, including @wenstephenson and even former @@UNFCCC leader @CFigueres... 2/
Jun 23, 2018 • 13 tweets • 8 min read
Thirty years ago today, #GlobalWarming first became headline news as NASA's James Hansen testified, DC baked, Yellowstone burned. Here's the opener of my @DiscoverMag cover story, pegged to the Senate hearing. CO2 seemed destined to follow CFCs.. 1/ The impacts projected then were those emerging now, including chronic flooding of Miami and other low coastal cities.. 2/