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Church of Jesus Christ • Authors of “Can I Get an Amen?: Celebrating the Lord in Everyday Life” — Tamu Smith & Zandra Vranes
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Sep 7, 2018 37 tweets 10 min read
👏🏿 Listen 👏🏿 Saints. We 'bout to have a whole conversation about these @LDSchurch missionary "farewells" and "homecomings". Cause somebody got to explain to me what in the Army of Helaman is happening in my church right now. THREAD /1 --Zandra BIG farewells were before my time but I have heard the tales. Apparently back in the day they put the #LDS smack down on the missionary situation cause Saints took up entire sacrament meetings yo momma yo daddy err body in yo family would speak plus like 5 musical numbers. /2 --Z
Jul 8, 2018 33 tweets 7 min read
The story of Gobo Fango is a dismal history of slavery and oppression in South Africa, the United States and from members of the #LDS church. For some strange reason it is often contorted into a "faith-affirming" LDS pioneer story as I recently experienced at church. --Zandra /1 The truth ain't always pretty So if you're members of the families that enslaved Gobo Fango then the history I'm about to drop might be uncomfortable but if we keep reworking LDS racial history to make it "comfortable" we never grow in the Gospel and we repeat our mistakes. -Z /2