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Oct 9, 2018 28 tweets 7 min read
Last year, I did a story on The Troll Factory (a THREAD). Over the years, many outlets talked about it. Some wrote books about it.
I'm updating that THREAD today
Let's Begin: Here's the original THREAD. This was around June 2017. I was bombarded by trolls/bots and the original THREAD as broken and had to be re-created.

Oct 8, 2018 14 tweets 3 min read
a mini THREAD just in time for Mid-Terms
on John Cox, from Illinois, running in a CA election.
Here goes: 1. John spent almost his entire life in Illinois. An accountant and a Republican. Divorced and now remarried and a "Roman Catholic".
Oct 8, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Back in 2017, I posted this. Lots of folks didn't see it. In light of the recent stories on Alfa Server/and more. Let's look at where it started.....................

Oct 8, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
Ummmmm. @Augustus709 not sure where you live but Manchin votes 61% of the with his Republican friends in fact he votes against almost everything a Dem stands for. Joe is helping himself and securing WV for well other things he does in secret. Think about that Maybe some of those 40k followers of yours might be interested or already know what Joe is in WV. Poor healthcare, lack of real jobs, opioid crisis that’s outnodnthis world, grifting with Jim Justice who turned GOP, Russia dollars flowing in WV

Oct 7, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
So I got asked about my THREAD on Jim Justice, WV and Joe Manchin and all the shit that goes on behind closed doors. Thank you for asked. @escapeacult

Here's an update on the THREAD It's about Rick Dearborn, Jim Justice, Rick Clay and everything WV. It starts here.
The crap that goes on in WV is mind boggling.

Oct 7, 2018 16 tweets 4 min read
So what's happening with Duncan Hunter these days?
Mr. of Mistresses, Purveyor of cheap food and drink, lack of moral or Ethical Brainwaves. Spender of Taxpayer $?
Sad excuse for a human being?
What's up Duncan?
Where are you these days? First read up on what you may not remember above.
2nd - Duncan Hunter has been indicted. That hasn't stopped him. For all the reasons a guy like him (cheater, liar and grifter) attacks his opponent and his name is still on the ballot, even with the indictment.
Oct 3, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
I ask this because we talked about this. In Fact it was written years ago @knowledgevendor The beginning of the first of many bailouts

Oct 2, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
latimes.com/entertainment/… Ya know. This Brett Ratner. The one with ties to Steve Mnuchin, his wife Louise Linton and Aaron Milchan to name a few. Wonder why he's dropping the lawsuit?

Oct 2, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read
Sitting in the airport at SFO yesterday, I had a bit a layover so sat down, plugged in and proceeded to check on Twitter.
After a few minutes, I heard the cry of a baby and that's when the convo started with the person next to me. 1. We both commented on how hard it is to travel with kids. Especially those under 14 months or so. The little girl was crying for her Dad.
Mom took her over to what looked like her Grandma and proceeded to head towards the bathroom. Girl was still crying.
Sep 30, 2018 8 tweets 2 min read
Sending these two THREADS back out in the universe because of how quickly MUSK setttles withbhe SEC. my breads spell out the why. And more This is the local paper the Chronicle brought me up to date
Sep 26, 2018 17 tweets 3 min read
And in other NEWS let's talk about Oscar Goodman
Just the facts, Jack!

latimes.com/nation/la-na-g… 1. Let's talk about Oscar Goodman, former Mob attorney and mayor of Las Vegas. Oh and he's a Democrat - (funny how that works)
Sep 21, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Back a few months, I did this THREAD about Tob Goldstone and at the end I questioned where he was? We’ve heard nothing and now, an Interview on MSNBC. Why is he back now?

He’s back because it’s Tine to talk with Mueller. His absence speaks to many things, but especially to his testimony.
Sep 19, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
I saw this, and it made me wonder.
Where do all those Trump, up the ass of Putin go if they can't win a seat in their districts?
Do they get fed back into the system to spend their last days continuing to destroy our democracy with Russia's help?
LINTING 1. I always learn something when I do this. This agency has had an acting director in charge for sometime. His name is Robert Thomas Hardy, but the USDTA wiki page says he's acting, but this states he was appointed in July, 2017.
Sep 18, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
This is interesting because the @USCG does vital work for all Americans helping keep our waterways safe and help with rescues and more. They have taken almost $1 Billion of cocaine off the streets All from 6 boats since May of this year. They are a vital service and although their budget may have been cut last year, at this point, it has not because of pressure from lawmakers and the public.
Sep 15, 2018 9 tweets 4 min read
Anyone seen Yuri lately?
Maybe Rand Paul knows where he is. Maybe Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell or Flake knows?
Anyone seen Yuri lately?
Sep 14, 2018 14 tweets 3 min read
Now this doesn't mean anything, but I find it interesting in and of itself.

This is very smelly.

Virginia Hume Onufer is the daughter of Brett Hume.
She was a former RNC Deputy Press Secretary
I know people help their kids get jobs, but....

1/ Come on. This is what you said.
“I knew Brett Kavanaugh in high school. We graduated same year. I never heard anything untoward about him”
Sep 14, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
New information in San Diego Priest Abuse Scandal. Names are released.

latimes.com/local/lanow/la… 1/ 5 names released in this photo:
Revs. Jose Chavarin
James Patrick Foley
Michael French. Bottom
Rev. Richard Houck
Msgr. Mark Medaer
Sep 13, 2018 13 tweets 3 min read
Something interesting happened to me today.
Gonna start it here.
SURPRISE in the mail today. 1/ In FEB, this year, as my hubs and I were headed to lunch, we stopped (although hubs was reluctant) to see if we could help what looked to be a fight, a beating or a potential bad thing happening to someone.
Sep 11, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
Back in 2016, @DavidCayJ wrote this article about Trump and the relationship between him and the MOB and Trump Tower and more.
Mini-THREAD on the Trump family and the Mob 1/ The article

Sep 11, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
1/ I lived in Boston on 9/11. I was in my office in Mansfield, MA, when we heard of the 1st plane to hit the towers that morning. I was getting ready to leave on a business trip at 2PM to London. Instead, we called our friends and family. 2/ Many of us cried because we knew who might have been on that flight and hoped they never got on the plane. Several of our companies officers were flying back from LA on a red eye and in the air. Phone calls were urgent.
Sep 11, 2018 15 tweets 5 min read
Before things get too muddy surrounding Les Moonves, let's just review, again, what he's purported to have done.
Why would @CBS keep any independent report confidential and why are they setting aside monies for him as well? $120 Million .